These are just a few of the scores of wheelchair and wheelchair sport related links out there. If you know of others that you think would be of interest to other readers please email us. Thanks!

The Sports 'N Spokes Magazine May/June 1994 Training Tips "The Para-backhand Pushing Technique" article written by Marty Morse, Time Millikan, and Brad Hedrick still has the best instructions around on how to use our mitts and gloves properly.

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Sports 'N Spokes Magazine is where to find the latest in competitive wheelchair sports and recreational activities.

The University of Illinois Department of Rehabilitation-Education Services pioneered the first college wheelchair basketball team, the acceptance of disabled athletes as real athletes, and the application of technology in training and equipment to produce outstanding athletes and citizens.

Go to the official Paralympic website for all the latest information from the International Paralympic Committee.

Gamburd Medical Equipment and Services serves people with disabilities in their efforts to live a quality, barrier free life

Robomedica develops innovative strategies and technologies that will enable individuals with paralysis to walk again.

The Wheelchair Site is an independent consumer�s guide to wheelchairs, scooters, and accessories.

Ocelco Incorporated has been an industry leader in delivering durable medical parts and medical equipment at low prices since 1974.

Bike-On Handcycle Store is a worldwide leader in handcycles, handbikes and adaptive trikes and they also specialize in tennis wheelchairs and basketball wheelchairs, recumbent & specialty trikes.

uAdapt is a new company that believes in empowering people with disabilities to live more fully and independently through the use of simple, highly effective, adaptive equipment.